November 9, 2014
Favorite Lipsticks


Happy Sunday to all the amazing women out there!  This week’s episode of Sunday Seven is all about dark lipstick.  I truly feel everyone can pull this look.  You just need to know the shade that works for you skin tone.  Here is my quick and easy guide for dark lipstick:

Dark lipstick shades and skin tone

Fair:  Choose lipsticks with cool undertones and a bit more muted (not so bright).  Light skinned girls can also do the dark lipstick look.
Medium:  Girls with medium skin tones can do more of a variety of colors.  I like the way dark earthy tones look on medium skin tone as well as a warmer undertone like coral.
Tan:  Berries and Maroons look gorgeous on tan skin.
Dark:  Deeper berry tones and burgundy.  Any color that is rich and deep.  Dark plums look amazing on Dark skin tones.
Overall, the most popular dark colors in right now are those that have brown tones.  Just like the 90’s.  Yup…I love it!!! My era.  Thankfully, the dark rimmed lip liner is not in.  We did have fun with that look too though.
From Top left clockwise (starting with Butter London Lipstick, Bare Minerals, Nars Lipstick, Lorac, Smashbox, Origins, Urban Decay)
Suggestion:  Lancome lipstick colors and Mac lipsticks are really beautiful as well.  I will do a post on those soon.

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