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November 1, 2014


About me 1(ready)Photo Cred: Mauricio Fernandez from D E L E N S M O D E

I created this blog April 2013 while I was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  It was a very tough time in my life and needed a project to throw my heart and soul into, not to mask what was going on in my life at the time, but to connect to my inner true self.  At the time, I had a job I wasn’t too fond of and I was pretty much just living life, not paying attention to my passion.  I craved creativity!  I LOVE and have always LOVED fashion and personal style.  I’ve loved it since I was 2.  Since I can remember how pretty I felt spinning and twirling in my skirt.

I just wanted to create with this new burst of life I had.  I was eager to LIVE!!! Happy and jolted from a true sense of appreciation for life, I decided I was going to live a fulfilling life guided by my own heart and my own choices!  Striping away thoughts of what life “should” be, societal demands, mental constraints, I only allow myself to be navigated by my very own healthy desires.  My desire is to be creative, inspire, influence, never stop dreaming, follow my heart and to love my husband, friends and family deeply and unconditionally.

A special thank you to my husband, David, for taking care of me and being by my side.  I love you so much.  You are my king, my dream come true.

A quote I live by:

“Let’s do what we love and do more of it” Marc Jacobs

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