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October 15, 2014

Beautysets - Advice: Shopping for Oversized Coats
Hello, again!  Here’s some quick advice for those looking to purchase Boyfriend Coats online.  As you can tell I’m obsessing over over-sized coats.  It has to be my favorite fall/winter trend.  So, I decided to purchase a bunch from a couple of my favorite online stores and found that the ones that weren’t my favorite turned out to be the best picks.  Of course, I didn’t keep them all.  I returned most of them and only kept two.  I really wish I had these two pieces of advice before I had spent my time and money…
  1. Do not purchase or settle for a bigger size.  These coats run big.  If they don’t have your size and you’re thinking you can get away with just one size bigger because you’ll probably wear a sweater underneath? Think again.  These coats are huge.  Purchase your exact size.  I originally purchased a large because they didn’t have a medium in stock.  I thought I would be okay because I will most likely wear it with something thick underneath.  When I put on the coat, all of a sudden, I felt tiny (I’m 5’9″).  The fabric was suffocating me.  I felt like Carrie from Sex in the City when Miranda took her to try on wedding gowns.  Poor Aiden!  All that fabric made me break out into hives.  Again, these coats are massive.
  2. Take into consideration your height.  Be sure to compare your height to the length of the coat.  I wouldn’t usually give this advice because I really feel anyone can pull anything off if they wear it correctly.  BUT…again, these coats are big and if you are on the shorter side you don’t want to look like you’re wrapped in your comforter.
  3. Always be sure to save!  Before checking out from my cart, I always quickly Google to see if there are any coupon or promotion codes available.
Hope this helped ladies.
The coats below are my favorite picks from
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