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moody tuesday: first ever episode

November 4, 2014
moody tuesday: A New Episode

(see outfit details below)

Here’s to my fist Moody Tuesday episode!!! Where I will be suggesting some of my favorite mischievous accessories, shoes and attire.  We love being good but…sometimes…we have more fun being bad.  I am totally loving the prominent black leather and detailed boots I’ve been seeing.  BAD can be worn in a sexy, simple, fun, and even sophisticated way, guilt-free.  Add a cat-eye liner, dark or nude lips and the look is set.   Loving it!!!!

The Hard Accessories:
Hat / Reclaimed Vintage Leather Cap
Sunglasses / Oversized Round Sunglasses
Necklace / Girls On Film Bronze Tube Cord Necklace
These Sick Shoes:
Pumps / BLACK BERLIN High Heels
Boots with Glitter Heel / New Look Caviar Embellished Heeled Ankle Boots
Biker Boots / ALL OF A SUDDEN Leather Biker Boots
Bad Girl Wear:
T-Shirt / Religion Oversized T-Shirt Dress With X-Ray Flower Print
Dress / TFNC Maxi Dress With Lace Insert And Shoulder Details
Shorts / Reclaimed Vintage Levi 501 Shorts in Black





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May 1, 2014

Hola, chicas!  I’m back in Miami and it is HOT!  Here’s a look at my outfit of the day…(details below)

#ootd 1





Fedora:  Nordstroms HERE
Black Dress: Forever 21 HERE
Accessories: Midi Rings HERE 
Handbag: Zara HERE


The focal point of today’s outfit is this black and white

straw fedora.

Inspiration for this outfit: Frank Sinatra Fedora

Nordstroms has a lot of fedora hats for sale.   When you search for fedora hats at the Nordstroms website a plethora of Men’s Fedora hats pop up.

Looking through Vintage Men’s Fedora hats, I was able to find a black and white women’s fedora.

I’m still obsessed with black and white from this past fall and winter’s season, so when I saw this particular fedora I jumped for it,  Plus, it goes with a lot I already own.  Definitely, trying to stay away from the black and white though since pastels are in.   I love all colors when it comes to clothes, especially pretty feminine colors.  However, the black and white combo is so chic and it’s my quick go to.  There’s just so much you can do with black and white and I can’t help but make it a big part of my wardrobe.   I will be switching up my color schemes in posts to come.

I’m wearing a comfy ruched cotton knee-length dress from Forever 21.  I always try to look for ruching in dresses because my hips tend to be a bit wider than the rest of my body.  The ruching makes it more comfortable and forgiving.  It definitely goes in and out of style but I believe dressing for your body type is key in feeling good in a particular outfit no matter what the trends say.   I paired this outfit with a neutral colored bag from Zara.  By the way…Zara has some AWESOME bags right now!!! Lastly, I added a gold touch with some midi rings to complete my outfit.


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April 17, 2014

Today’s look of the day is all about CONFIDENCE!  It’s so important to feel good in your skin.  I realized I feel best in life when I’m happy with my decisions.  I know what’s good for me because I know myself.  It’s extremely important to be connected with yourself and not to be swayed by other’s words or opinions.  So do what you can to link all the missing pieces within yourself and walk confidently towards your goal.  It’s your path whether they think it’s right or wrong!

Exude the confidence you know you have inside…




 Photography by Mauricio Fernandez from Delens Mode Photography (flickr)

Model: Soilariz Tavarez



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Red Blazer

April 14, 2014

Hello, beauties!  I had the such a great time assisting in this photo shoot for Delensmode Photography this past Saturday.  The model’s name is Soilariz and she was totally cool and really brought character to this red blazer.  Soilariz reminded me of a Forever 21 model…young, fresh, cute and trendy.

Outfit details below…





Photos by Mauricio Fernandez from Delens Mode Photography (Flickr)

We decided to photograph her next to a tucked away, white greenhouse.  I figured her red hot blazer would pop against this sunny white back drop so beautifully.  Her ombre added to the whole effect as well.


Red Blazer: Forever 21 HERE
Denim Shorts: Forever 21 HERE
Shoes: Forever 21 HERE



White Outfit with Black Details

April 10, 2014

So, the new lens for my Nikon camera came in the mail and I couldn’t wait to go out and shoot.  I’ve learned that you can’t get the pictures you want with any old lens. Finally, I just made the purchase that I’ve been dreading to make and I’m so happy I did.  It was a tough decision because these type of lenses are not cheap!  I now know for sure that photography is not something you can take lightly while trying to achieve quality photos.  Can’t wait to go out and take some more pics.  Enough about photography and let’s get into my outfit of the day.






 White Ankle Jeans: Asos Whitby HERE
Top: Target HERE
Shoes: Steve Madden (similar) HERE






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February 9, 2014

Steve Madden STS Shoes Black Leather $129.95.

To purchase Steve Madden STS Shoe Click on above picture. See below for coupon code.

We spotted the shoes from this weeks instagram picture!!!


Price $129.95.  Use promo code FEBSM8 for 20% off and promo code SMFREE50 for FREE SHIPPING.

Steve Madden

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April 21, 2013

Target White and Black Striped Peplum DressP1020866 IMG_4282

Target Peplum Dress & Shoe Dazzle White Shoes

My favorite Target Peplum Dress & Shoe Dazzle White Shoes

This Target Dress is Fabulous, yes Fabulous!!!

Some of us would hate to admit this (I don’t), I purchased this peplum dress from Target. Yes, Target! For $24.99. I absolutely love these types of fashion finds. It was all in the fit and since I’m tall I was a little reluctant. However, the peplum detail fell exactly where I needed it to and the length was just perfect for my long legs. I’m pairing this dress with white pumps from The bag is a delicate cream which softens the white on black contrast. Who says you can’t play with tones?

Target Stores: Target Online Shop for dresses.


Forever 21 Women’s Blazer

March 25, 2013
forever 21

My favorite Forever 21 Blazer

XXI Forever: Picking the Right Blazer

Forever 21 has always been a place where I can run into get a quick outfit for the weekend.  It has also been a place that I like to go when I have some down time to really shop.  Sometimes, Forever 21 carry quality items like blazers.  These are the pieces in your wardrobe that you don’t need to spend a lot of money on; if only you pay attention to a few minor details.  It would hurt any babe on a budget to throw away a blazer just because it didn’t hold up as well as it should have.  Here are some tips!  The max that I have spent on a blazer at Forever 21 is about $35.  This store is really great because you can always find the hottest colors and it’s just so affordable.   Makes me want to skip! (with some Starbucks on hand).

Not all liners on Forever 21 blazers are created equal.

Forever 21 blue blazer

I chose this picture to display the seems. This is a perfect example of a quality looking blazer. Forever 21 blazer in cobalt blue.

I base a women’s fitted blazer purchase strictly on lining and structure.  Why? Because a poorly made lining can make the blazer look awful and cheap.   Take notice, a well made lining will be static free, sewn tightly to its outer layer (meaning…not clingy), free of tears and breathable.  When you try it on the lining should not be shifting.  Buttons can also depreciate the overall look.  However, if you love the blazer and it’s well made you can change the buttons and get really creative.  Kinda fun! Forever 21 is a store of high traffic so you need to pay extra attention to defects.  Lastly, the structure of the blazer should enhance your shape and fit well.  Whenever I wear my Forever 21 blazers people think that I’m wearing an expensive brand.  That always makes me feel great.

blazer with details

Key words to remember when shopping for Women’s  Blazers at Forever 21: Lining, Structure, Fit and Buttons


Tip: Roll up a cuff to expose the lining of a whole new color or pattern along with some shiny arm candy.

Click here to check out some of Forever 21’s fabulous blazers.

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