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May 1, 2014

Hola, chicas!  I’m back in Miami and it is HOT!  Here’s a look at my outfit of the day…(details below)

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Fedora:  Nordstroms HERE
Black Dress: Forever 21 HERE
Accessories: Midi Rings HERE 
Handbag: Zara HERE


The focal point of today’s outfit is this black and white

straw fedora.

Inspiration for this outfit: Frank Sinatra Fedora

Nordstroms has a lot of fedora hats for sale.   When you search for fedora hats at the Nordstroms website a plethora of Men’s Fedora hats pop up.

Looking through Vintage Men’s Fedora hats, I was able to find a black and white women’s fedora.

I’m still obsessed with black and white from this past fall and winter’s season, so when I saw this particular fedora I jumped for it,  Plus, it goes with a lot I already own.  Definitely, trying to stay away from the black and white though since pastels are in.   I love all colors when it comes to clothes, especially pretty feminine colors.  However, the black and white combo is so chic and it’s my quick go to.  There’s just so much you can do with black and white and I can’t help but make it a big part of my wardrobe.   I will be switching up my color schemes in posts to come.

I’m wearing a comfy ruched cotton knee-length dress from Forever 21.  I always try to look for ruching in dresses because my hips tend to be a bit wider than the rest of my body.  The ruching makes it more comfortable and forgiving.  It definitely goes in and out of style but I believe dressing for your body type is key in feeling good in a particular outfit no matter what the trends say.   I paired this outfit with a neutral colored bag from Zara.  By the way…Zara has some AWESOME bags right now!!! Lastly, I added a gold touch with some midi rings to complete my outfit.


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February 9, 2014

Steve Madden STS Shoes Black Leather $129.95.

To purchase Steve Madden STS Shoe Click on above picture. See below for coupon code.

We spotted the shoes from this weeks instagram picture!!!


Price $129.95.  Use promo code FEBSM8 for 20% off and promo code SMFREE50 for FREE SHIPPING.

Steve Madden



April 19, 2013

Vince Camuto’s Chain Bracelet

Vince Camuto's 3 chain bracelet

Vince Camuto’s 3 chain bracelet

photo-2 2

I find Vince Camuto‘s bracelets to be perfect right now.  Especially, this silver chained bracelet!  The links are flat so they fall beautifully on the wrist.

Vince Camuto's gold bracelet

Vince Camuto’s gold bracelet

I’ve seen lord and taylor have a great assortment.  These bracelets will definitely complete a classic or edgy outfit.  We ought to thank 2 Chains for beginning this trend! 🙂

Click here to check out Vince Camuto’s accessories (bracelets, earring, necklaces)

Friendly reminder be sure to check out Vince Camuto coupon codes before purchasing.

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